Getting the most out of your roof box and staying safe.


Getting the most out of your roof box and staying safe.

Always pack the heaviest items inside your car, this reduces the effect of a top-heavy car becoming unstable during braking and cornering.

Check out your cars ‘maximum roof load’ along with the ‘roof racks maximum loads’ and do not exceed these, these weights have been calculated by smarter people than you and I, (engineers), so best to take their advice.

Pack your roof box evenly, keeping the heavier items in the bottom and centre, and the lighter items on top as packers to hold everything in place.

Skis, tents, strollers, suitcases and more fit into roof boxes. Keep the things you need to access during your journey inside the car and the things you’ll need at your destination in the roof box.

Stinky stuff. When traveling in a station wagon shaped vehicle roof boxes come into their own! All the way home from sports, skiing or the beach, all the wet, sweaty, dirty, stinky stuff is now locked away outside the car. No more having to put up with your teenagers’ stinky socks and trainers all the way home. BLISS.

Always check your roof rack is well attached to the car, and in turn your roof box is well attached to the rack. The modern systems are really good and when installed by one of our technicians, you can be confident of a safe and stress-free trip.

Lastly there is piece of mind in knowing your personal stuff is locked away out of sight of any dubious people who might want to break a window to get at your goodies. The boxes are very secure and I have not heard of one being broken into, so it gives me assurance at the end of a tramping track, or when we’re heading out in the boat, to know no-one can see inside, so temptation is removed somewhat.